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Oxford Medieval Studies

Oxford Medieval Studies (OMS) is a TORCH Research Programme bringing together over 200 scholars at all stages of their careers across the University.

Oxford Medieval Studies is one of the largest forums in the world for interdisciplinary humanities scholarship on the Middle Ages, a period of a thousand years (c.500-c.1500) which, contrary to modern stereotypes, saw huge social change, political upheaval, technological revolution, intellectual debate, and artistic innovation across Europe and the wider world. Medieval studies have continued significance in the modern world; it is a key part of our mission to use Oxford’s unique resources to foster activities which make that relevance plain – often in unexpected ways.

OMS builds upon the University’s world-leading strengths in medieval studies in individual intellectual disciplines (Archaeology; Art History; Byzantine Studies; Classics; English; History; European, Middle- and Far-Eastern languages; Music; Philosophy; Theology and Religion) by bringing together scholars to generate interdisciplinary approaches to research. OMS enriches research activity through collaborative endeavour, integration of resources, and strategic vision. Its aims are:

• To capitalize on an unparalleled opportunity to foster new interactions in medieval studies between faculties and research units, including the Bodleian Library and Ashmolean Museum, in order to explore fresh research questions and develop innovative approaches to collaborative activity through wide-ranging interdisciplinary projects, like the public exhibition The Romance of the Middle Ages (;

• To provide a research infrastructure that supersedes departmental boundaries to host visiting scholars and affiliated researchers;

• To support the progression of early career researchers in medieval studies by promoting opportunities for collaborative activity and research development;

• To promote an outreach vision for medieval studies research that involves specialists and non-specialists alike through knowledge exchange and community engagement.

• To train the next generation of pioneering scholars in medieval studies by supporting Oxford’s interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Medieval Studies; click here to find out more about the Mst in Medieval Studies programme.

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Professor Sophie Marnette, OMS Director