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Mst Medieval Studies

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OMS is proud to help training the next generation of pioneering scholars in medieval studies by supporting Oxford’s interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Medieval Studies

The M St in Medieval Studies course taps into the vast array of expertise across disciplines which Oxford is able to offer.  The course consists of three main elements.  First, it offers an opportunity to develop the skills in palaeography and a medieval language of your choice essential for graduate work.  Second, it provides a chance to engage with new disciplinary methodologies and to study a wide range of topics across the period by choosing two option papers from different disciplines: papers range from from the ‘Twelfth-Century Renaissance’ to ‘Women and Medieval Literature’.  Third, students work on a research dissertation, of which an important requirement is interdisciplinary engagement: topics have ranged from responses to global missionary activity in the Middle Ages, to examination of feuds in Saga Iceland.  The strength of the course lies in the critical focus on developing research skills, both concrete and methodological, and in the unparalleled range of expertise on which students can draw.

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Quotes from previous students:

'The masters in medieval studies has been a truly wonderful experience'.

'I've enjoyed this year so much, and the supervision and teaching has been wonderful'.

'I feel that my palaeography skills have increased tremendously this past year. I feel very confident with the skills I have learned and believe that these skills shall serve my future study tremendously.'

'I believe that requiring the MSt students to take at least one foreign language is phenomenal.'

'Workshops were phenomenal. The various sources used to discuss [the topics] and the discussions that followed were wonderful.'

'The trinity term presentations were likewise a great success. They gave us the chance to present our ideas in a warm but still more formal setting than the group seminars as well as a chance to hone our speaking skills.'

Contact: Dr. Kantik Ghosh, Convenor, MSt in Medieval Studies.

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