3D Modelling with Camera Phones

Late antique architectural decoration at Aphrodisias displaying broken columns

'3D Modelling with Camera Phones'


Knowledge Exchange Fellow:
Dr Ine Jacobs   |   School of Archaeology   |   University of Oxford

Partner Organisation:
Virtual World Heritage Laboratory



Dr Jacobs' project, 3D modelling with camera phones, is inspired by the need for millimetre-accurate 3D digitization models to carry out a research project on late antique architectural decoration. Such high-quality 3D modelling is currently executed by expert teams with specialist training using expensive equipment. By contrast, current ‘crowd-sourced’ photogrammetry often enables only the simple visualisation of objects, rather than providing detailed data such as measurements and surface details.

This project will capitalize on recent technological improvements in the quality of camera phones and the availability of open-source software to bring the creation of fast, cheap, and high-quality 3D models within reach of researchers, curators, and heritage organisations. Dr Jacobs will cooperate with the Virtual World Heritage Laboratory that has a long history of applying 3D simulations both as interactive illustrations and heuristic instruments. The VWHL is already involved with the digitization of museum pieces, including the complete collection of Greek and Roman sculpture in the Uffizi, and will now translate its expertise to make high-quality 3D models more readily available to heritage specialists and enthusiasts.

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