Public Engagement with Research

Public Engagement with Research (PER) can involve a wide range of activities whether it is sharing research with new people and audiences or involving them in the research process itself. PER can vary depending on the discipline, but broadly it is used to inform and inspire, consult and listen, and/or to collaborate with the public. Humanities researchers regularly connect with or involve the public with their research. There is Divisional support for public engagement with research, including the support which TORCH and other teams provide. By creating and supporting such opportunities, we are able to involve a wider range of people to continue to develop an important, inclusive and equitably impactful research culture.

For further advice, resources and opportunities for public engagement:

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TORCH supports collaborations with partners on a local, national and global scale working on mutually beneficial research. Below is an example of each.

Participatory research

Through participatory research projects we seek to directly collaborate and co-create with collaborators and co-design research agendas. This approach to collaboration is at the heart of collaborations with many of our partners. There are also other excellent initiatives around the University of Oxford including Multaka (Pitt Rivers Museum and History of Science Museum, Oxford) and Community History (History Faculty). Below are some links to this important work. 

Participatory research – Discover

Featured case study – Diversity and the British String Quartet

Diversity and the British String Quartet brings together composers, performers, students, and academics to explore issues of diversity in British classical music through the case study of the string quartet. Read more about this case study on the project page, or watch the video below.

Creative Learning

TORCH researchers work through a range of arts, cultural and creative activities that enable lifelong learning opportunities. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to access and experience high quality research and learning.