2022-23 | Epoch


2022-23 | EPOCH

Rory Campbell, the artist also known as Rawz, performing

2022 - 23 'EPOCH'


TORCH Knowledge Exchange Innovation Fund Awardee
Professor David de Roure   |   Contact (ox.ac.uk)  |   University of Oxford

Partner Organisation
Urban Music Foundation   |   Rawz



The EPOCH collaboration came about in the pilot year of the “Science Together” public engagement with

research scheme. It brings together local partners Inner Peace Records and Urban Music Foundation with

a team from the University and Brookes, and is the only one of the 8 pilot projects with a performance

and creative industries focus. The EPOCH collaboration has resulted in a week-long public event at the Old

Fire Station in January 2023, called "Epoch: human innovation and response", and release of an online album.

For our external partner, the ambitious research project/concept album they have developed has already

led to some great opportunities, including using world-first recording techniques in a fully functional

1950s studio, collaborating with a member of the band Parliament Funkadelic, and exploring the relationship

between AI and music in the Department of Engineering Science. The project also featured in the Science

Together showcase in the Museum of Natural History in June 2022.

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