Ancient Dance in Modern Dancers


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Ancient Dance in Modern Dancers is a collaborative practice-based study carried out by the Archive of Performance of Greek and Roman Drama (APGRD) in conjunction with the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (ISCA), and funded by TORCH. We will be running a series of workshops involving professionally-trained dancers, investigating how they process selected stimulus materials en route to creating a 'reconstructive' performance of the Roman dance form tragoedia saltata. It is not the final performance itself that is of interest so much as the cognitive responses of the participants. In this way, we hope to develop ways of articulating the knowledge derived from kinaesthetic engagement with ancient material.

We will be issuing a formal call for participants shortly, but anyone who is interested in taking part in the study should contact Helen Slaney for more information.


The project has been written about in an article by Nicolas Constans in Le Monde and is mentioned in a recent review by Susie Crow.

Please click here to view the Ancient Dance in Modern Dancers poster.


Dr Sophie Bocksberger

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