Complete Beethoven Works for Cello and Piano



TORCH had been looking forward to hosting Sung-Won Yang and Enrico Pace to perform Beethoven's complete music for cello and piano in April 2020, but these concerts had to be postponed because of the lockdown. Previously, we have been very lucky to be able to share a recording of a live performance of Beethoven's Sonata for Cello and Piano in A Major, op. 69, with the pianist, Taehyung Kim.

Now, we can share a lockdown project which Sung-Won and Enrico put together with TORCH Director, Philip Bullock. In it, Sung-Won and Enrico play Liszt's Consolations, interspersed with readings from The Consolations of Scholarship by the 6th-century philosopher, Boethius. Although it may be some time before we can all enjoy concert life as before, we hope this video will remind us of the many ways in which music and poetry can help us life a better, richer life.