Dafydd Mills Daniel appears on BBC radio panel show, included with Radio 4 adaptation of Mill on the Floss

Dafydd Mills Daniel (McDonald Lecturer in Theology and Ethics) appears in the 'bonus programme' included with the digital release of the new Radio 4 adaptation of George Eliot's The Mill on the Floss.

Cover image of BBC The Mill on the Floss

Free Thinking: George Eliot’s Mill on the Floss, hosted by Shahidha Bari, in which writer Rebecca Mead, actor Fiona Shaw and academics Dafydd Mills Daniel, Philip Davis and Peggy Reynolds discuss the background to Eliot’s much-loved 1860 novel and read selected extracts.

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Alongside actress Fiona Shaw (Killing Eve; Harry Potter film series), writer Rebecca Mead (The New Yorker), and professors Philip Davies (University of Liverpool) and Peggy Reynolds (Queen Mary University London), Dafydd discusses the influence of 19th century theology and philosophy upon George Eliot's work, and the concepts of love, education, and renunciation in The Mill on the Floss.