Elliptical Readings Update

Door with three panels, showing 2 hands. Colour blocks of red and blue

The first phase of Elliptical Readings will begin in Aberdeen Central Library in June. This is a simpler version of the work that will take place in Wolverhampton from January 2022. We are grateful to the Humanities Cultural program for supporting the second phase of Elliptical Readings, in Wolverhampton.


Aberdeen readers have now come together in online workshops to consider the books that speak most strongly to their identities and the place they live in. Titles have now been chosen by the nine readers, and their books will shortly be re-bound. The readers will choose the location for their book on the open shelves at Aberdeen Central library in the place they think most appropriate; where their book has 'ideal neighbours’. The titles will not be found at their usual shelf mark. To find them library visitors will use a map. A bookmark telling the story behind the reader's choice will be placed in the book. 


One of the readers in Aberdeen has chosen Jane Eyre, translated into Doric; the Northeast Scots dialect. For Annie, Doric was spoken at home but suppressed at school as it had been fro her mother; her primary school teacher wore a thimble on her finger. If she heard a child speaking Doric she would tap them sharply on the head to recall them to standard English. Annie recently realised that she still thinks in Doric, translating into English to speak. For Elliptical Reading Annie has chosen to read her earliest loved book, Jane Eyre, in her internal language. 

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