Publication of Michael Kuczynski's "Glossed Wycliffite Psalter"

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Michael Kuczynski's book, "A Glossed Wycliffite Psalter" has been published. 

The book includes:

  • A critical edition of a Middle English commentary on the Psalms based on a Late Version text of the Wycliffite Bible translation
  • Features Psalms text with extensive marginal glosses reproduced as sequentially numbered footnotes
  • The textual notes record the nature of scrupulous scribal corrections throughout the manuscript and of variants between this manuscript and others containing some of the glosses
  • Includes complete Latin sources for the glosses from Nicholas of Lyra and full bibliographic references for the sources from Augustine as well as explanatory notes to the glosses to aid comparison of the Middle English versions of the glosses and the original Latin
  • Contains multiple plates from the base manuscript and other glossed Wycliffite Bible manuscripts to help readers visualize the careful layout and design of the manuscript materials
  • Provides a Glossary to the Psalms text and the Psalms glosses

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