Queer Intersections Oxford | Winners of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Essay Prizes 2022

Queer Intersections Oxford is delighted to announce the winners of its Undergraduate and Postgraduate Essay Prizes 2022.

Submissions were assessed on scholarly rigour and original contribution to the field, with the aim of promoting and rewarding thought-provoking writing across the broad field of LGBTIQA+ studies.


  • Undergraduate Winner: Eliott Thompson, “Entangled Temporalities: Queer Time and Disease
  • Undergraduate Highly Commended Essay: Isobel Falk, “‘Don’t Dream It, Be It’: Queering the Comedy in Early and Late Modernity
  • Undergraduate Highly Commended Essay: Hannah Stovin,  ““Fight bigotry! Fight racism! Smash the backlash!”: Grassroots mobilisation, community action, and intersectional activism within the Lesbians and Policing Project, 1984-1990”
  • Postgraduate Winner: Rachel Leia Devadason, “Toward a “Queer Phenomenology” of Learning Odissi Dance
  • Postgraduate Highly Commended Essay: Till Stehr, “Are they… you know… musical? Magnus Hirschfeld and the Musicality of Queerness in Pre-War Berlin”
  • Postgraduate Highly Commended Essay: Georgia Lin, “Disabled Futures, Queer Feelings: Affective Queer Politics and Disability Justice”


Thank you to everyone who entered the Prizes competition!

Find out more about the Queer Intersections Oxford Essay Prizes 2022 here. 

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