TORCH Goes Digital: Humanities and Policy

This week, we are focusing on the theme of "Humanities and Policy". Achieving policy impact is increasingly important in research agendas, and humanities disciplines can make a significant contribution to policy development. For example, historical research can highlight the changing nature of rules, behaviour and belief – illustrating that current policy is constructed from an understanding of the past that is fluid and open to multiple perspectives, influences and interpretations.

Humanities and Policy Poster, green background, people sitting on grass

As Louie Fooks says, "While some may assume humanities have less to offer policy than – for instance – science, technology and data-driven subjects, humanities researchers find their perspectives are much sought-after by policy makers. The disciplines can offer insights into ethical debates, bring a human perspective to tech development and data interpretation, and provide compelling narratives to illustrate issues."

Working with the great wealth of material created by the incredible researchers at the University of Oxford and beyond, the TORCH Team has curated a brilliant programme of blog posts, podcasts, news articles, poems, performances and more for you to enjoy. 

This week, we will be considering questions such as:

  • How do we approach the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials 70 years on?
  • How can literature help with mourning and healing processes?
  • Where's the virtue in the Humanities?
  • How can we employ the humanities in global activism?

Remember, we are happy to consider content submissions related to this theme, be it a poem, artwork, blog post, or book review!

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