Caribbean Studies Network

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This network will run until 2025.


The CSN is an open space within and beyond the University of Oxford, from TORCH to Temple Cowley to Trinidad. It provides a home for Caribbean Studies at the university; works with the community to preserve and maintain Oxford’s Caribbean history; and connects the city and university to thinkers, scholars, and artists across the world.

The University of Oxford has benefited from Caribbean enslavement in ways which exceed and defy accounting, yet has shirked accountability. The CSN believes that a sincere reckoning with its historical debt to the Caribbean would ultimately enrich the intellectual life of the university.

The CSN is a space for a Caribbean Studies which is truly regional, multilingual, and interdisciplinary. In a university which has no posts in Caribbean Studies or its related disciplines, it gathers the scattered scholars of the Caribbean. In an institution which has relied on the labour of the city’s Caribbean community while otherwise remaining largely closed to this other Oxford, it welcomes all. Together, we celebrate a region whose peoples have pushed us to think our world anew. 

Since its launch in October 2020, the Caribbean Studies Network has been hosting fortnightly seminars on a vast range of topics and areas. Please click on the “Events” tab to explore our upcoming events, and our “Past Events” site to see what we have been up to. Many of our past events are also available on the TORCH YouTube channel.

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