Diplomacy in Early Modern Period 1400-1800

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The TORCH Network on Diplomacy in the Early Modern Period (1400-1800) is a platform for the study of early modern diplomacy. It brings together scholars from a wide variety of disciplines, including History, Modern Languages, Art History, English, and Philosophy, and is open to everyone working in the field or simply eager to learn more about international exchanges in the early modern period.

Through our events, we aim to investigate how ambassadors and resident ministers contributed to shaping our modern world. We are interested in their diplomatic and networking activities, in their role as cultural mediators, and in the position they occupied within the Republic of Letters. We invite anyone interested to propose a paper for one of our seminars, and we welcome presentations on individual case-studies as well as broader methodological analyses. The geographical scope of this Network is naturally very broad, and we are interested in diplomatic relations between the Western powers but also in the contributions of small states and in connections with nations beyond the borders of Europe (e.g. with the Middle and Far East).

The Network has been running since October 2017. Our seminars are normally held on Tuesday afternoons (4:30-6:30) at the History Faculty.


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