Knowledge Exchange Fellowship 2020-2021

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Humanities Knowledge Exchange Fellowship Scheme


We are pleased to be able to offer two additional KE Fellowships for the 2020-2021 academic year and we are looking for project proposals which can be completed by 31 July 2021.

Due to this time constraint the application period is short, with the deadline set for Michaelmas Week 2.


Application deadline: Monday, 19 October 2020  |  12:00 noon

Please check with your Faculty regarding their approval deadline.


Purpose of fellowship

Proposals are sought from Oxford researchers to facilitate new, or develop existing, relationships with external partners that further the reach and significance of research in all Humanities disciplines at Oxford. KE can be defined as the mutually beneficial sharing of ideas, data, experience, and expertise, and involves collaboration between researchers, external organisations, and the public. There are many potential pathways and outcomes from this reciprocity, since KE is distinct from other modes of public engagement, and from access- and outreach-related activities, both in being research-focussed and in having at its core reciprocal acts of exchange: external partners are as vital to the process as the university researchers involved. Applicants for KE fellowships will therefore need to make the case that what is proposed enhances their research, benefits the external partner(s), and has the potential to continue after the end of the Fellowship. All previous fellows have project descriptions on the TORCH website.


Up to £11k is available to support each fellow

This may include buyout of teaching, either as one term or pro rata across several terms, and/or hourly paid research or teaching assistance, and/or justified project expenses up to total of £11k. An early-career option is also available for those who submitted their thesis no more than five years prior to the start of the KE Fellowship. The early-career fellowship will award a one-day a week staff contract at grade 7.1 (pro rata) plus £2000 project expenses. Funds awarded must be spent by 31 July 2021 with all events, workshops, travel etc. to be completed before this deadline.


How to apply

Applications are made using the IRAMS online form. Please provide your external partner’s name, email, and, where applicable, the name of the organisation as a collaborator. The budget tab must be completed with an estimate of all costs; the staff contract cost for early-career researchers should be included at £9000. Ineligible costs include overheads or indirect/estates costs or equivalent ‘bench fees’, books, general office supplies, and computer hardware.

Applications will be submitted online and must then be approved by your faculty through the IRAMS approval system before the published deadline. Please ensure that you discuss your application in advance with your Research Director and/or Head of Administration and Finance.


Queries and surgeries

Applicants with questions regarding the scheme or application process, including queries relating to eligibility, should email for further advice and assistance.

For those who want advice on how to structure their application Wes Williams, Victoria McGuinness, and Andrew Fairweather-Tall will be offering bookable 20 minutes slots. Please email to book a slot.


Application deadline:        Michaelmas Term Week 2  |  Monday, 19 October 2020  |  12:00 noon

Application submission:   Online via IRAMS (SSO) webform only

Guideline document