Blogging Manuscripts with Polonsky German

top of website for manuscripts, showing celtic designs

Speakers: Tuija Ainonen, Andrew Dunning, Henrike Lähnemann, Matthew Holford (University of Oxford) 

How can we best use the wealth of digitized medieval manuscripts to bring medieval studies to new audiences? The Bodleian Library launches the #PolonskyGerman blogging challenge with reflections on how universities and libraries can expand their public reach through teaching palaeography, the history of the book, and digital humanities. This is the first of three interactive sessions that will give participants the opportunity to collaborate on presenting everyday manuscripts to the public. 

The Bodleian Library launches the #PolonskyGerman blogging challenge. Whether you are fresh to engaging audiences online with manuscripts, or an old hand looking to try new ideas, we invite you to submit a short, informal proposal for a hypothetical blog post around one or more of the digitized Polonsky German manuscripts. For examples of previous responses, see the Polonsky German blog

This is the first of three interactive sessions that will give participants the opportunity to collaborate on presenting everyday manuscripts to the public. 

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