Book at Lunchtime: Jews, Liberalism, Antisemitism

Background of colourful old book spines, overlaid with a white circle containing the words 'Book at Lunchtime' and to the right, the cover of Jews, Liberalism, Antisemitism

Join us for a TORCH Book at Lunchtime online webinar on Jews, Liberalism, Antisemitism: A Global Historyedited by Professor Abigail Green and Professor Simon Levis Sullam.

Book at Lunchtime is a series of bite-sized book discussions held weekly during term-time, with commentators from a range of disciplines. The events are free to attend and open to all.

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About the book:

The emancipatory promise of liberalism – and its exclusionary qualities – shaped the fate of Jews in many parts of the world during the age of empire. Yet historians have mostly understood the relationship between Jews, liberalism and antisemitism as a European story, defined by the collapse of liberalism and the Holocaust. This volume challenges that perspective by taking a global approach. It takes account of recent historical work that explores issues of race, discrimination and hybrid identities in colonial and postcolonial settings, but which has done so without taking much account of Jews. Individual essays explore how liberalism, citizenship, nationality, gender, religion, race functioned differently in European Jewish heartlands, in the Mediterranean peripheries of Spain and the Ottoman empire, and in the North American Atlantic world. 


Professor Abigail Green

Professor Simon Levis Sullam

Professor Adam Sutcliffe

Dr Kei Hiruta