Britain, Europe and the African Diaspora

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This event has now taken place, but you can watch Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o's keynote lecture on "The Transatlantic, Africa and the Diaspora" here. For more information about Callaloo please visit their website. For related events please visit the Race and Resistance Across Boders in the Twentieth Century network page.


On 27-30 November 2013, Callaloo, the premier African diaspora scholarly organisation, will be hosting its first annual conference in Europe at TORCH.

We are delighted to be hosting Callaloo and to mark the occasion Oxford's newly established Race and Resistance Network will be hosting a postgraduate/early career workshop on the theme of 'Britain, Europe, and the African Diaspora' on 27 November.

The workshop will include 11 pre-circulated papers with postgraduates and early career researchers speaking for around 8 minutes followed by commentary from senior Callaloo figures, other scholars and a broad audience discussion.

The workshop is a chance for attendees to meet a wide range of scholars and students and stay to attend the annual Callaloo conference. The call for papers has now closed.  

Please click here to view or download the workshop programme.


Race and Resistance across Borders in the Long Twentieth Century

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