CLASP Graduate Training Day in Old English Metre


An understanding of Old English metre is a key part of textual analysis for scholars and students alike. Attendees on this training day will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of metrical theory and to work with the new metrical teaching materials designed by CLASP researchers. Through case studies and practical exercises, students will experiment with applying their knowledge of Old English metre to questions of literary criticism. This training will especially benefit students attending the following day’s workshop, Anglo-Saxon Metre and Literary Studies. By developing resources for graduate training in Old English metre, we hope to equip a new generation of scholars to apply metrical study and theory in their research.

Anglo-Saxon Metre and Literary Studies (30th October 2019) is a one-day workshop at the University of Oxford which will focus on the application of metrical study to literary criticism and manuscript studies. For further information and to book tickets, please visit the event page:

This day of training is aimed primarily at graduate students. If you would like to attend, but are not a graduate student, please contact the organisers (