Deciphering the Uncertain: Conference

deciphering the uncertain

We are extremely glad to announce that our conference Deciphering the Uncertain: Sociological & Epistemological Aspects of Divination in Early Text Cultures will take place on the 24th-25th June 2019 at the China Centre, University of Oxford.

Conceived as an up-to-date, comprehensive overview of divination in early text cultures, the conference will feature contributions of both leading scholars in the field and young researchers. 

Our confirmed key-note speakers will be Prof. Matthias Hayek (Paris Diderot), Prof. Bernhard Maier (Tübingen), Prof. Robert Parker (Oxford), Prof. William F. Ryan (Warburg Institute), Prof. Federico Santangelo (Newcastle), and Prof. Kenneth G. Zysk (København).

The participants will deal with issues related to ancient religion, philosophy and anthropology in a broad cross-cultural perspective. So please come along and join us for this exciting event!

For the full program and further information regarding the conference, please refer to the conference website and the Facebook event page for the first day and for the second day.

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Tickets available:
Early Bird Free Tickets for Students subject to availability 
Paid Ticket for Two Days £7
Paid Ticket for One Day £5