Ethics in AI Lecture - AI, Work, and Democracy

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Ethics in AI Lecture - AI, Work, and Democracy

The Institute for Ethics in AI and Oxford Martin School are pleased to announce an exclusive morning  event featuring a keynote address by distinguished economist Professor Daron Acemoğlu on May 17, 2024. The event will be hosted at the Oxford Martin School in the lecture theatre, with registration commencing from 10:45. This is an in-person event and will not be streamed live. Seats are limited so reserve your space today via the Oxford Martin School here.

This event is in-person only. 

10.45 – 11.00 - Registration

11.00 – 12.00 - Keynote: Professor Daron AcemoğluInstitute Professor, MIT

Title: Redesigning AI

Abstract: This talk will argue that the current path of AI is inimical to human flourishing. Nevertheless, different institutional arrangements, ethical underpinnings, and technological vision can lead to better AI. This better AI path will need to overcome the industry's excessive focus on automation, the centralized control of information, challenges in the context of human-AI misalignment, and the disappearing diversity of information among human actors.

Hosted and introduced by Professor John Tasioulas Director, Institute for Ethics in AI, Faculty of Philosophy.

12.00 – 12.45 - Panel Discussion and Q&A

Professor Isabelle Ferreras, FNRS Professor in Sociology at the University of Louvain, Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Ethics in AI, Oxford.
Jeremias Adams-Prassl, Professor of Law at Magdalen College, University of Oxford, UK, and Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Law.
Daniel Susskind, Research Professor in Economics at King's College London and a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Ethics in AI at Oxford University.        Cary Frey, Dieter Schwarz Associate Professor of AI & Work at the Oxford Internet Institute and a Fellow of Mansfield College, University of Oxford.

Hosted by Ekaterina Hertog, Associate Professor in AI and Society, joint with the Oxford Internet Institute and in association with Wadham College.

12.45 – Finish


The Institute for Ethics in AI will bring together world-leading philosophers and other experts in the humanities with the technical developers and users of AI in academia, business and government. The ethics and governance of AI is an exceptionally vibrant area of research at Oxford and the Institute is an opportunity to take a bold leap forward from this platform.

Every day brings more examples of the ethical challenges posed by AI; from face recognition to voter profiling, brain machine interfaces to weaponised drones, and the ongoing discourse about how AI will impact employment on a global scale. This is urgent and important work that we intend to promote internationally as well as embedding in our own research and teaching here at Oxford.

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