Phenomenology of the Flicker

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Phenomenology of the Flicker: Videographic Thought and Radically Interdisciplinary Intersectionality

Tuesday 9 May 2023, 1pm - 3pm


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Dr Ben Spatz is a nonbinary scholar-practitioner working at the intersections of artistic research and critical theories of embodiment and identity. They are Reader in Media and Performance at University of Huddersfield, editor of the videographic Journal of Embodied Research, and a leader in the development of new audiovisual embodied research methods.

This talk will examine the transformation of relations between knowledge, identity, and place in the audiovisual era. A phenomenology of the flicker will be used to rethink the “digital identity politics” of gender and race in videographic thought (Kara Keeling; Sara Ahmed; Eliza Steinbock; Katherine Profeta; Tiffany Lethabo King). What is videographic thought and what does it mean to take such thinking literally in the context of ongoingly colonial and patriarchal logocentric institutions like the university? How can an intersectional feminist ethics of identification, enacted for example through the performance of “as” statements, be extended through radically interdisciplinary forms of videographic thought and knowledge? Examples of videographic thought will be shared from the Journal of Embodied Research and also from the artistic research projects Judaica (2012–2022) and cryptojudaica (2022–ongoing).


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