Four Ways to use Technology to Spy on the Past


The Oxford Medieval Studies Programme Seminars for 2018/19 The shared seminars of Oxford Medieval Studies Programme take place every term on Tuesday of week 8, 5pm, followed by drinks. They are the main event of OMS and all medievalist groups are encouraged to use it as their main event for that week. This is particularly true for this term which will see a new edition of the ‘Medieval Roadshow’ which ran very successfully in Hilary Term 2018.

All groups are encouraged to put in a pluck for their programme!

TT2018, week 8, Tuesday 18 June 2018, 5pm, (Taylor Institution, Main Hall) Kate Rudy: 4 Ways to use Technology to Spy on the Past (cf. her recent books Piety in Pieces and Rubrics, images and indulgences in late medieval Netherlandish manuscripts)

Image: Prayerbook by Winheid von Winsen (Medingen 1478) Dombibliothek Hildesheim, Ms. J 29, fol. 49v


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