Immers-Ed Global Hackathon

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The Oxford X-Reality Hub, in partnership with the TORCH (en)coding Heritage Network, present Immers-Ed, a multi-disciplinary hackathon. The event, modeled upon programming hackathons, brings together participants to creatively solve a problem in the course of three days of intense collaboration.


The event tasks participants with devising solutions to challenges which were created or amplified by the pandemic in one of four key areas. These are:


Cultural Heritage: How can technology facilitate inclusivity and access in the cultural heritage sector?

Medicine/Healthcare: How can we redesign medical training, foster global collaboration, and improve patient care to save lives?

Education: How can we create more engaging learning experiences and foster academic success especially in distance-learning environments?  

Environmental Sustainability: How can we emerge out of the pandemic and create more sustainable environmental practices?


Participants are invited to apply either individually or together with colleagues, as part of a team. No experience with hackathons or technical knowledge is required, just curiosity and a passion for building, creating and learning.


Important Dates:

July 31st – Application deadline

Aug 7th – Announcement of acceptance

Sept. 27th – Hackathon starts

Sept 30th – Hackathon winning projects and awards are unveiled


For more information, including answers to commonly-asked questions, visit:


Apply here


Organised by the Oxford X-Reality Hub in collaboration with TORCH (en)coding Heritage Network . University partners include: the Oxford Heritage Network, Reuben College, the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, and the Oxford Department of Education.


For questions, email

(en)coding Heritage Network, TORCH Networks