Inscribing Biographies in Global South History

inscribing biographies in global south history

How can life-stories from the Global South enhance our understanding of southern histories, cultures, and lives? In this workshop we will explore the ethical challenges researchers have encountered in writing Southern lives, as well as the question of how to write a biography in a postcolonial or decolonial context. 

We will think through how various theories of the self, of storytelling, and ways of understanding history can be brought to bear on these important questions, to provoke a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of working with individual lives as a way to study the Global South. 

Speakers include, Professor Marcio Goldman of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (former TORCH Global South Visiting Professor); Professor Supriya Chaudhuri of Jadavpur University, India (former TORCH Global South Visiting Professor); Prof Joy Owen, University of the Free State, South Africa (TORCH Global South Visiting Professor); Dr Ramon Sarro, Dr Nayanika Mathur and Professor Elleke Boehmer.

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