Interviewing for Academic Jobs

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In this 90-minute workshop Karen Kelsky shows you how to interview effectively for an academic job. She covers the major questions asked most often, and their unspoken agendas.  She discusses the most common errors made by candidates, and how to organise and deliver concise, content-rich, non-desperate, non-pandering responses. She will provide templates for responses to basic questions about your dissertation/current research, publishing, teaching, and fit, and abundant examples of both bad and good answers from actual client interviews. Through brief role plays participants will have a chance to practice effective interview approaches. In addition, we confront illegal/inappropriate questions, micro-aggressions, the all important issue of overcoming Imposter Syndrome, and communicating confidence through verbal and non-verbal modes. The material applies to skype, phone, and conference interviews, and the campus visit, with discussion of some of the large differences between UK and US practice.

Topics covered:

  • Common interview questions and their purpose
  • How to respond to interview questions about your research, publishing and teaching in a concise, content-rich format
  • Communicating confidence through verbal and non-verbal modes

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