Islamic Studies WIP Colloquium

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HT ‘23 Islamic Studies WIP Colloquium

Islamic Studies Network (ISN)

Part of TORCH Critical-Thinking Communities

Monday 27 February 2023 (Week 7) 11:00AM - 1:30PM

The event is free but registration is required


The termly Work-in-Progress Colloquium will be held over lunch on 27 February 2023. This seminar provides a space for current postgraduate scholars of Islam at Oxford to share a snapshot of their ongoing research.

If you wish to present or attend, register here.


Work-in-Progress Colloquium

Almas Shaikh DPhil Law: Gender Equality in Praxis: Reimagining Indian Muslim Women’s Agency

Nabeel Khimji MSt Study of Religions Recurrence: The Crystallization of Twelver Identity among Indian and Tanzanian Khoja Communities

Gehad Hasanin DPhil Oriental Studies Exploring Colonialism and Resistance as Contests over Meaning-Making Through Mahmud Muhammad Shakir’s Critique of Postcolonial Culture

Health & Refreshment Break

Zuwena Virani MPhil in Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics An Analysis of the Influence of Arabic onto Italo-Romance

Maria Al Qassim DPhil Oriental Studies The Roaming ‘Ulama’: The Transregional Shafi’i Scholars of Qeshm Island (18th-20th Century)


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The Islamic Studies Network (ISN) is part of the TORCH Critical-Thinking Communities