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Israel-Palestine panel organised by Dominic Davies.

Corey Sherman (Oriental Studies): ‘Hiding in Plain Sight: Rituals of Cool in Contemporary Jerusalem’

Jennifer Shutek (Oriental Studies): ‘Palestinian-Israeli Cookbooks as Cultural Fusion: Deconstructing Binary Narratives in Palestine/Israel’

Dominic Davies (English): ‘Israel's Planned Violence: Colonial Infrastructure and the West Bank’

Corey Sherman is a second year MPhil student in Modern Middle East Studies. He focuses on all things Jerusalem and tries to spend as much time there as possible. While in Jerusalem he contributes to articles +972 Magazine focusing on labor markets, real estate development, musically-inclined settlers and mass media.

Jennifer Shutek is co-editor of Muftah’s Israel/Palestine & Levant Region pages. Jennifer received her BA from Simon Fraser University, and studied Arabic at the Arabic Language Institute in Fez, Morocco, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Currently in the second year of her MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oxford, Jennifer is pursuing her interests in food, agriculture, landscapes, and identity formation in Israel/Palestine.

Dominic Davies is currently a fourth-year DPhil student in English at the University of Oxford. His DPhil research focuses on literary and other cultural representations of imperial and colonial infrastructure. He is the Facilitator of the Leverhulme-funded Network, “Planned Violence: Post/colonial Urban Infrastructures and Literature”, and he has worked as an editor and blogger for the Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture. Dominic will talk about his new research project.

The interdisciplinary research group ‘Race and Resistance across Borders in the Long Twentieth Century’ brings together researchers in the history, literature and culture of anti-racist movements in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, the United States, and beyond.

Lunch will be provided.


Race and Resistance across Borders in the Long Twentieth Century

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