“King of Adana” and “King of Hiyawa”: Political Rhetoric in Iron Age Cilicia


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Seminar on “King of Adana” and “King of Hiyawa”: Political Rhetoric in Iron Age Cilicia

Speaker: Marco Santini (University of Oxford)

Thursday 30 November 2023, 5pm

Online and In-person event

Registration for in-person or online attendance, please contact Michele Bianconi (michele.bianconi@classics.ox.ac.uk)



During the Iron Age, Plain Cilicia was home to a kingdom known from Luwian sources as “Hiyawa,” rendered as “Que,” or variants thereof, in Assyrian documents. However, local sources show that the kingdom’s political community could be referred to in at least four different ways: (1) the toponym Hiyawa; (2) the ethnonym dnnym; (3) the toponym “Adana” and the corresponding adjective “Adanaean,” used metonymically; (4) the expression “House of Mopsos.” By studying the political rhetoric of the kingdom’s ruling elites, this paper addresses the historical and political significance of these different denominations and investigates the relations between them. A distribution pattern will be observed which, it is proposed, reflects the different policies of the kingdom’s rulers in the international scenario. 



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Marco Santini studied Classics and Ancient History at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa and the University of Pisa, where he earned a BA (2014) and an MA (2016). Marco then obtained a PhD in Ancient History from the Department of Classics of Princeton University (December 2021). While in graduate school, he joined exchange programs with the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations of the University of Pennsylvania, the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World of New York University, and the Historisches Seminar of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität of Munich. After completing his PhD, Marco spent one more semester at Princeton as a Postgraduate Research Associate and Lecturer. Marco Santini came to Oxford and joined Magdalen College as a Fellow by Examination in Ancient History in October 2022.


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