Laura Kieler and the Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts Event

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An aspiring writer, Laura Kieler, befriends playwright, Henrik Ibsen.

Years later, events in what was to become his masterpiece, A Doll’s House, bear an uncanny resemblance to Laura’s own life.

This new production takes an irreverent and radical approach to examining the origins of A Doll’s House. It shines a light on Laura, how her life was forever changed by Ibsen’s dramatisation, and what a lack of recognition for her influence tells us about gender bias, then - and now.

This is a collaboration with award-winning company Breach and its artistic directors Billy Barrett and Ellice Stevens. Breach uncovers captivating historical stories and uses them to provoke new perspectives and illuminate the times in which we live. There’s a rigour to the company's research and a playfulness to its work, combining a forensic documentary approach with bold and inventive devising.

Performed by second-year Acting students.

Date and time

Thursday, 1st June, 2023 - 8pm 
Friday, 2 June 2pm, 2023 - 5pm & 8pm 
Saturday, 3 June 2pm, 2023 - 5pm & 8pm 

The George Harrison Workshop Studio, Liverpool, L1 9HF
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The production, written by Ellice Stevens and Billy Barrett and directed by Billy Barrett, was researched and developed in collaboration with Professor Kirsten Shepherd-Barr and Tzen Sam with the support of TORCH.