Making Maritime Memories for the National Trust

making maritime memories


Dr Julie Farguson (Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College ) and Elisabeth Grass (History DPhil, Oxford)

Junior Research Fellow Dr Julie Farguson is particularly interested in the early maritime world and cultural dimensions of the early modern Navy, and is involved in a collaborative knowledge exchange project between the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology and the National Trust, under the title “Making Maritime Memories: the British country house and the sea”.

Elisabeth Grass, studying for a History DPhil, has had access to National Trust archives and collections to research how slavery-derived wealth is represented in our country houses. By examining the collections, art and architecture, she is uncovering attitudes towards empire, nationalism and slavery in the 18th century.

Their joint presentation will show how an object designed for domestic use – a punchbowl commissioned by Thomas Anson for Shugborough Hall – can tell us about memorialisation of a family hero, and contemporary ideas on British Imperialism.


Magdalen College Auditorium, Magdalen College, Longwall Street, Oxford

Date and Time:

Tuesday 21st January 2020, 11am


This event is organised by the Oxford Centre for the National Trust .

Price: £1 for students with a valid Student ID, £5 for OCNT members and £6 for non-members. All welcome. Refreshments provided.


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