Medical Humanities Early Career Event: Overcoming Methodological Challenges

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Medical Humanities

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The diverse fields that contribute to the medical humanities are unified by their focus on issues of medicine, health, and illness. Yet, despite this shared focus, medical humanities researchers face many methodological challenges in interdisciplinary collaborative research and wider engagement with patients and healthcare professionals. This event brings together doctoral students and early career researchers in all areas of the medical/health humanities to address methodological challenges in research and public engagement.


The event will be run via Zoom. The afternoon’s schedule includes:


  • Small-group opportunities to discuss specific problems and potential solutions.
  • Examples of projects that have successfully tackled the challenges of combining humanities with healthcare from different disciplinary starting points.
  • A short introduction to funding resources to support your current and future medical humanities projects.


We hope it will also be a fun opportunity to meet and talk with others in an often fragmented-feeling field.


It's convened by Anthony Fernandez (Assistant Professor in Philosophy, Kent State University, and Research Fellow in Philosophy, Oxford) and Emily Troscianko (coach, writer, and Research Associate at TORCH, Oxford).


When: Wednesday 10 February (HT week 4), 14:00 to 16:30 GMT.


All doctoral students and early-career researchers are welcome. If you have any questions, get in touch with us at and/or

Click here to register for this event