My Name is Laura Kieler: A Work-in-Progress discussion with Breach Theatre

Monochrome image depicts Adeleide Johannessen in character as Nora dancing the tarantella dance and holding, above her head, a tambourine in her right hand.

Adeleide Johannessen in character as Nora dancing the tarantella dance. Image from a cigarette card of c. 1880–82 via Wikimedia


This event showcases the TORCH-funded collaboration between Professor Kirsten Shepherd-Barr and the acclaimed Breach Theatre to develop a new play based on Laura Kieler, the young writer whose life story Ibsen used for his iconic feminist play A Doll’s House. Ellice Stevens and Billy Barrett of Breach will talk about discoveries that were made during the first phase of immersive work with Professor Shepherd-Barr and Tzen Sam, a doctoral student in English who is writing her thesis on Ibsen and serving as Research Assistant on the project. Kirsten and Tzen will discuss how Laura’s and Ibsen’s careers intertwine over many decades, from his 1865 play Brand to her drama Men of Honor in 1890 to his last play When We Dead Awaken in 1899 and beyond. The group will also share some of their early show structure ideas, discussing how they imagine staging the relationships between the fictional and "historical" characters.

The event will be chaired by Dr Sos Eltis.

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