New Directions in African Humanities: Graduate and Early Career Researcher Conference


New Directions in African Humanities: Graduate and Early Career Researcher Conference

Part of the African Languages, Literatures and Cultures Network events

Tuesday 20 June -Wednesday 21 June 2023

The event is free and open to all in Oxford, but registration is mandatory.

Registration for Day 1, Tuesday 20th of June 2023

Registration for Day 2, Wednesday 21st of June 2023



Seminar Room – Radcliffe Humanities Building - Woodstock Road

Oxford - OX2 6GG

Tuesday 20th June

11am Welcome – tea and coffee

11.30am Opening remarques

11.45am PANEL 1 : Story-telling – chair : Dorothée Boulanger

Rachel Taylor

“Mother, I have killed Shingwengwe!” Narrating and becoming heroes in eighteenth-century East Africa.

Clare Ní Cheallaigh

The Storyteller as Professor: Amos Tutuola at the University of Palermo.

Raga Makawi

Language as Agency: New Womanhood Narratives in Sudan.

1.15pm Lunch

2.15pm PANEL 2: Modernities/modernisms – Chair: Rachel Taylor

Andrew Marshall

Fragments of Kenya’s 1970s Kiswahilisation campaign.

Alexandra Grieve

The ‘Afro-look’: Alternative modernisms in African fashion and visual culture of the 1960 and 1970s.

Monique Kwachou

The Melting Pot’s Broken Furnace: Exploring the Sustenance of socio-cultural divisions through Cameroonian [Higher] Education.

Carlos G. Spalding Araujo

Afonso I & The Kingdom of Kongo (c.1509-1542).

4.30pm – 5.30pm Keynote address by Dr Terri Ochiagha

“The Bhabhian Flex: African Self-Fashioning and the Production of Colonial Knowledge.”

6.30pm Dinner (venue TBC)

Wednesday 21st June

9am Welcome – coffee

9.30 am PANEL 3 New methodologies – Chair: Alexandra Grieve

Milo Gough

Rain and Urban Ecologies in Colonial Freetown, Sierra Leone.

André Gaga

Analysis of creativity in the university space of Abomey-Calavi in Benin: empirical elements for the drafting of a socio-anthropological methodology of decolonisation.

Oluwatoyin Mbachu

Digital Diasporas and Participant Authority: A case study on the Lagosian Aguda.

11.00am Coffee break


11.15am PANEL 4 African Arts

Kathleen Rawlings

New methods for African art history: a view from South Africa.

Enid Guene

Artistic Movements – Congolese Migration to Eastern and Southern African through the Prism of Popular Art (1960-1990).

Nana Oforiatta Ayim

Ayan Technology – Drum Poetries and their Epistemological Value.

1pm Lunch Break

2pm peer-review/writing workshop session

4pm Closing Remarks

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Part of the African Languages, Literatures and Cultures Network events