Notes on Craft: Dr Goffredo Polizzi (CRAAZI Bologna)

qio goffredo polizzi


Part of the Queer Intersections Oxford Events

Tuesday 16 April 2024, 5pm 

Speaker: Dr Goffredo Polizzi (CRAAAZI Bologna)

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Please join Queer Intersections Oxford for our first Notes on Craft event of the year with Dr Goffredo Polizzi (CRAAAZI Bologna). 


Goffredo Polizzi is the author of "Reimagining the Italian South: Migration, Translation and Subjectivity in Contemporary Italian Literature and Cinema" (Liverpool University Press 2022). He is a founding member of the autonomous queer transfeminist Research Center CRAAAZI (Centro di Ricerca e Archivio Autonomo "Alessandro Zijno"), based in Bologna. His work focuses on queer and LGBT political cultures, on representations of race, gender and sexuality in contemporary Italian literature and cinema, on queer and postcolonial studies.


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