Oxford in Cambridge: Is there a future for the country house?

Kings College Cambridge

Come to Cambridge for an evening of discussion, networking and refreshments in a beautiful college setting.

The evening will be led by a talk given by Dr Oliver Cox (Heritage Engagement Fellow, University of Oxford) on, 'Is there a future for the country house?' Audiences’ expectations, experiences and attitudes to country houses are changing rapidly. The 'treasure house', full of priceless objects to be worshipped, must transform and change into the 'story house', if the country house is to remain relevant to more diverse audiences. Dr Cox will argue that if the country house is to continue to thrive, it must not be afraid of the c-word of heritage: change. The idea of preserving the past through static presentations and interpretation is failing to unlock relevance and inspire emotional connections and intellectual access to the country house.

After the talk, there will be a Q&A followed by canapés, drinks and the chance to meet fellow alumni.

Price: £15

This event is open to University of Oxford alumni and their guests (including non-alumni). For more information and to book your place, please click here