Oxford Open Doors 2019

1890Radcliffe Infirmary, 1890

TORCH is delighted to be opening its doors to the public as part of the 2019 Oxford Open Doors weekend.

The Radcliffe Humanities building has a fascinating history, with many hidden treasures. From 1770 to 2007 it was a hospital - the Radcliffe Infirmary - and was the birthplace of many locals in Oxfordshire. Many people will remember having operations in the building, and it is also where penicillin was first used in 1941.

While the refurbishment has retained many original features, the building has also changed dramatically, as rooms that were once surgical theatres are now state-of-the-art seminar rooms.

We look forward to welcoming you to explore the building, as well as hearing your stories about the building.

Please see here for more information about Oxford Open Doors.

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