Reading Group in the Anthropology of Islam 4

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Reading Group in the Anthropology of Islam

Islamic Studies Network (ISN)

Part of TORCH Critical-Thinking Communities

The event is free and all are welcome! 

Dates: Wednesdays 2:00PM - 3:30PM, Weeks 2, 5, 6, 9

Location: H B Allen Centre, Keble College


3rd May - Introduction to Pious Practice and Secular Constraints: Women in the Islamic Revival in Europe (by Jeanette Jouili)

17th May - Introduction to a Culture of Ambiguity (by Thomas Bauer)

24th May - Introduction to Between Muslims: Religious Difference in Iraqi Kurdistan (by Andrew Bush)

21 June - The Ambiguities of Being Muslim and Modern (by Rushain Abbasi)


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The Islamic Studies Network (ISN) is part of the TORCH Critical-Thinking Communities