Teaching the Digital Codex

top of website for manuscripts, showing celtic designs

Speakers: Mary Boyle (University of Oxford), Julia Walworth (University of Oxford), Leonor Zozaya-Montes (University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) 

How can we best use the wealth of digitized medieval manuscripts to bring medieval studies to new audiences? Since 2016, Teaching the Codex has brought together teachers to develop more engaging pedagogical approaches to palaeography and codicology, with both regular colloquia and a long-running blog. Mary Boyle shares the knowledge she gained in launching a successful manuscripts movement from scratch, with reflections from Leonor Zozaya-Montes on the process of writing for the project blog. Julia Walworth will present some of Merton’s digitised manuscripts as possible subjects for a blog post.  

The challenge here would be to use digitised items for a ‘teachable feature’; for examples look at previous ‘teachable features’ blogs

Submit your Teachable Feature blog proposal by 24:00 Tuesday, 7 July

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