Training Course: An Introduction to Building Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps

9 june training

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The Oxford X-Reality Hub  in partnership with the (en)coding Heritage Network  are delivering a course through the University of Oxford’s IT Services, open to all members of the University.

This course, geared towards beginners, offers a short practical introduction to building mobile applications (apps) using the software, Unity, one of the most popular game engines for Immersive Technologies. In this course, participants will gain experience in working with the most important building blocks of the engine: game objects, scenes and prefabs. Students will import assets into a scene and interact with them using a user interface (UI).

This training is suitable for those interested in gaining an understanding of the software used in creating virtual reality experiences and augmented reality applications, for the use of heritage and other subjects.

For more information about the course and registration, visit the IT Services website

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