Ulrike Draesner Join us for the launch of her re-writing of the Nibelungenlied

ulrike draesner 2005 portrait

Mediating Modern Poetry is pleased to host the launch of Ulrike Draesner's new version of the Nibelungenlied: Nibelungen. Heimsuchung  (Reclam 2016).

Ulrike Draesner will discuss her inspirations for the new work, the extraordinary illustrations by Karl Otto Czeschka (this is Reclam as you've never seen it before!) and read from the work. She will then be joined by Professor Almut Suerbaum (Somerville) to discuss the use of the medieval materials and the importance of the Middle High German epic. 


Wine and snacks will be served. Open to non-German speakers

Please RSVP to karen.leeder@new.ox.ac.uk for catering.