Visiting Professor of Creative Media Lecture 2021

visiting professor of creative media lecture 2021 poster, showing a photo of Zing Tsjeng and the lecture title 'Everything is online now - how the internet blurred fact and fiction.'
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"Everything Is Online Now – how the internet blurred fact and fiction"
by Zing Tsjeng (Executive Editor of Vice UK)


Thursday 7th May 2021, 5.30pm

Watch live event here.


The Visiting Professorship of Media was established in 1996, as part of a generous benefaction from Rupert Murdoch. It is an annual appointment and the Professor will give a series of lectures during the academic year (usually in January/February).


The current postholder is Zing Tsjeng, Executive Editor of VICE UK, and author of the Forgotten Women series.


The first lecture explores how the line between offline and online life has collapsed and the implications, opportunities and challenges that has for journalists. Its title is 'Everything Is Online Now – how the internet blurred fact and fiction'?
Supported by TORCH as part of the Humanities Cultural Programme in collaboration with the English Faculty