Workshop 2: Living within Boundaries – Mediated Utopias

4 living in bounded world

Second Encounter: 05.05.2022


12.30 Start time

We ended last time with where these possible worlds can sit (what bounds them). Now we want to look at “what kind of knowledge, knowhow, craft, skill, finances, practices do we need for this little utopian world to function within its boundaries?”

Bring back together, discuss next part

tea break

How can we come up with this knowledge and teach it.

Challenging boundaries of utopias

Practically where do these boundaries hold and create a space in which to work to realize our utopias?


13.40-15.45: Workgroups

The discussion groups are gathering around their idea of a "knowledge for possible worlds", and explore speculatively how this knowledge could be circulated, learned and taught, in which environments and with which kind of educational philosophy.

16:00-16:30: Propositions & Tune out.

We all meet again in the large assembly, and the four groups will present their perspectives with a short intervention, a few minutes each, to outline the kind of (inter)disciplines, "academy" and "school" they would envision to learn and teach possible worlds.

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