Javett-UP BRIDGE Fellowship Programme in association with the University of Oxford

Javett-UP BRIDGE Fellowship Programme

TORCH is delighted to announce a partnership with The Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria (Javett-UP).

The BRIDGE Fellowship Programme in association with the University of Oxford will offer one Oxford University-based researcher a funded Visiting Fellowship for 4-8 weeks at Javett-UP between June and September 2023 to pursue a research project that engages with the strategic vision of Javett-UP.

About The Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria (Javett-UP)

The Javett-UP is a space that enhances unique and exceptional transdisciplinary learning through the arts. We engage diverse publics in exploring the human condition and reimagining our futures.

The Javett-UP is established as an independent entity through a partnership between the University of Pretoria and the Javett Foundation. All share a firm belief in the emancipatory potential of the arts in society through multidisciplinary curatorial and pedagogic initiatives. Javett-UP is committed to sustained critical enquiries where multidisciplinary practices and activities with a pan-African focus can intersect. The Javett-UP Bridge Gallery is a symbolic architectural feature connecting with the university and its surrounding communities of Tshwane and beyond.

Besides the long term engagement with collections on loan, which include The Mapungubwe Gold Collection and The Javett Family Collection of 20th century South African art, the centre mediates projects of international significance responding to both local and global challenges whilst representing the wide breadth, range and depth of the artistic practices from Africa and its diasporas.

For more information about the Javett-UP Art Centre please see their website.

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