Political Innovations for Rapid Transition


Host: Steven R Smith (Centre for Environment and Sustainability, University of Surrey)

When we think/talk about innovations needed to address the climate and ecological crisis, most people think initially about physical technologies, such as solar panels or electric vehicles. But other kinds of innovations are equally necessary. This podcast is intended to give some insight into one of these classes of innovation - political innovation.


Conversation partners:

Alex Evans: Alex is Founder and Executive Director of Larger Us; Author of The Myth Gap: What Happens when Evidence and Arguments Aren’t Enough (2017). He’s a Senior Fellow at the Centre on International Cooperation, New York University and was a Campaign Director at Avaaz, a writer and organiser at the UN, and a Special Advisor to two UK Secretaries of State at the Department for International Development.


Lucy Stone and Gustavo de Oca: Lucy and Gustavo are social entrepreneurs, writers and strategists working with community-based organisations and are co-founders of Our Common Climate. They co-authored, together with Ian Christie (Surrey), a chapter entitled ‘A Commoner’ Climate Movement’ in the recently published open access book Addressing the Climate Crisis: Local Action in Theory and Practice.

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