VR Immersion in the Middle School Classroom - T. Pedersen and S. Sjastad


VR Immersion in the Middle School Classroom

Terje Pedersen and Sigrid Sjåstad, Rothaugen Middle School, Bergen, Norway

17 June 2021


In this talk, two Norwegian middle school teachers describe their integration of virtual reality (VR) games and experiences in the classroom to teach English, History and Social Science. They detail how this technology has been used to connect students with peers from across the globe and to introduce new skills in different virtual worlds. The talk will conclude with the long-term vision of using Virtual Reality to assist students who are struggling with mental health or with school attendance.


This presentation was delivered during the (en)coding Heritage Seminar Series, which brough together researchers working at the cutting edge of digital technologies, humanities and heritage science. The session was dedicated to Immersive Technologies: Transforming Education in the Digital Age. The programme can be found here.


Organised and chaired by Dr Lia Costiner (University of Oxford) and Dr Leonardo Impett (Durham University) for the (en)coding Heritage Network, in collaboration with the Oxford X-Reality Hub.

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