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Video credit: UKRI

Millions of people visit National Trust properties every year. But many don't realise how much their visit relies on research - from the interpretations they read on signs, to the conservation of historic collections and landscapes. Meet Alice Purkiss. In her role as the National Trust Partnership Lead at Oxford University, she helps people from the two organisations connect and carry out research together. Whether it's uncovering new narratives about a well-loved landscape, or piecing together the complex history of a property, this research deepens our understanding of heritage and the humanities. Alice helps to break down the barriers to collaboration, spotting opportunities for researchers to work together and maximise the benefits of their work. "I think the work is really important because it really is connecting specialists in different industries, in different fields over mutual interests and mutual collections, and ultimately building new research and new knowledge," says Alice. "Personally, I absolutely love the people that I get to work with, the places I get to go to and also the insights I'm gaining every day into different industries and different subject areas."

About the series:

Welcome to 101 Jobs That Change The World - UKRI's campaign to highlight some of the many roles that contribute to success of the research and innovation system. In these videos you’ll meet the people who work – often behind the scenes – in a wide variety of fulfilling and interesting roles beyond the traditional image of a researcher or innovator. The 101 Jobs profiles offer a glimpse into the lives of the varied people who are working across the research and innovation system, some in remote or unusual locations. Their jobs are essential to the creative, dynamic research and innovation system we need to tackle huge challenges like Covid-19, climate change, how we’ll live and work in the future – and they really do change the world.

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