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The TORCH Heritage Programme stimulates, supports and promotes heritage-related research activity across Oxford that transcends disciplinary and institutional boundaries.

Heritage is a broad, multifaceted and often contested concept, including cultural (sites, monuments, collections and objects), natural (habitats, species, ecosystems, geology and landforms) and intangible (customs, traditions, arts and practices) dimensions. 

The TORCH Heritage Programme provides a focus for humanities-led research that connects and engages with UK and international heritage sites, collections and organisations. The programme brings together researchers at all career levels and external partners in the heritage sector to design, develop and evaluate collaborative projects.  The TORCH Heritage Programme administers Heritage Seed Fund provides pathways to other funding schemes, including: Knowledge Exchange Fellowships, John Fell OUP Research Fund, other university funds, and can give advice on applications to UKRI and other funders.

The TORCH Heritage Programme collaborates with the Oxford University Heritage Network, which supports agenda-setting critical debate and discussion of heritage across arts and humanities; mathematical, physical and life sciences; medical sciences; social sciences; and Oxford’s Gardens, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM).

The TORCH Heritage Programme works with the University of Oxford’s National Trust Partnership, a flagship cross-divisional collaboration which creates opportunities for interdisciplinary research, knowledge exchange and public engagement with the National Trust’s places, collections, staff and visitors.

If you are a researcher or organisation, and you are interested in learning more or collaborating with the TORCH Heritage Programme, please email us on: heritage@torch.ox.ac.uk 

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