TORCH Goes Digital: Liveness

 “The liveness in me just loves to feel the liveness in growing things, in grass and rain and leaves and flowers and sun and feathers and furs and earth and sand and moss.” - Emily Carr

field of sunslowers with setting sun behind.


TORCH Goes Digital is relaunching with our first theme focussed on the idea of Liveness. Whether it be liveness of the natural world, or liveness of events happening in front of us by the use of online patforms, liveness is an inportant part of all our lives, and indeed one we find ourselves missing when we think of theatres and events. TORCH is pleased to focus on this theme between 21st September and 4 October. 

Showcasing the collaborative work of TORCH, TORCH Goes Digital: Liveness includes content from our Theatres Seed Fund and drama-related Humanities Cultural Programme projects, as well as the work our TORCH Networks and Programmes.

This week, we will be showcasing content such as:

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