Oxford University and the Creative Industries: Collaboration and Innovation

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"We work better together"

Oxford University recognises the impact of the Creative Industries and Heritage sectors on society. The University and its resources (whether people, research capacity, facilities or partnerships) are a tangible offer that creative organisations can benefit from. We want to open this offer up to the sector and in turn learn from the diverse experiences and specialisms of creative organisations to see how we can all benefit from working together.

Who are the Creative Industries?

The Creative Industries, as defined by the Creative Industries Federation, include:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Architecture
  • Crafts
  • Design (product, graphic, fashion)
  • Film, TV, video, radio and photography
  • IT, software and computer services ('creative tech')
  • Publishing
  • Museums, galleries and libraries
  • Music, performing and visual arts
  • Animation and VFX (visual effects)
  • Video games
  • Heritage

Fresh ideas

University working is grounded in research. At Oxford, we have top researchers working across a diverse range of areas. Some of this research, or potential research, might be the catalyst for a project you’re working on, whether it’s technological developments in augmented reality or accuracy in recreating an Elizabethan doublet.

Equally, the University has a lot to offer in terms of historic sites, world-class libraries, state-of-the-art labs and impressive museum collections.

How can we connect?

The Creative Industries and Heritage sectors play a vital role in our landscape. Oxford University has a lot to learn from professionals in these areas about how we can use our knowledge, resources and expertise to benefit a wider audience. The flow of knowledge between different sectors is key to our development, and to be relevant to new and diverse communities we must engage in innovative partnerships.

Get involved

Explore this page for details of upcoming workshops and events. If you have an idea for a collaborative project you’d like to work on, or you’d simply like to find out more about this work, get in touch with Imelda Dooley Hunter, Creative Industries & Heritage Support Officer: imelda.dooleyhunter@humanities.ox.ac.uk


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